The Holiday Trap

I have worked so hard for the last few months to get myself healthier. Going faithfully to the nutritionist and following her plan, and finally losing 20 pounds. Then comes my Birthday in October, but did very good….just had a lot of protein. But then November rolls around……first of all the Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer is out…..well you know a little won’t hurt each morning….LOL…..the comes the early Thanksgiving with family you can’t be with on Thansgiving…..sweet potato casserole…..that is not to bad is it? Well the southern style green beans, now you know how healthy they are. Oh then there is the mashed potatoes’ …….they only have a stick of butter in them. I’ll just have a taste of the dressing, because you know it is bread.   Yummy cranberry salad….it salad so it can’t be too bad. So I will just have a little piece of pumpkin pie ….isn’t pumpkin a vegetable?  Just a small slice of the German Chocolate Cake….since I made it I have to see if it is good. My nutritionist will be proud I ate lots of  turkey for my protein and hey the deviled eggs.  So maybe just a little overboard, but I have 2 1/2 week till Thanksgiving… be good….I let my husband eat the rest of the pumpkin pie and the german chocolate cake because he doesn’t think it will hurt him any….he is so funny. Now I have six guest coming for Thanksgiving Day and I don’t even see a salad on it. But of course there is the cranberry salad so that will work.  What you think I am over doing it…..well you know it is almost a month till Christmas and already working on the menu. Thank goodness I go to the nutritionist before that day, because you never know what someone who don’t know you are eating healthy might bring.  But at the end of the day, I give Thanks to God that he made each one of us different and unique.


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